Hey guys, Jay here from 40kwarcasting. Our 5th webisode!! We talk about how you can help us out, some of the upcoming news, we get a little bit more into the new daemons, and then we get into dice rolling and dice superstitions. Hope this brings out a lighter side in some of the podcasts as we joke around and have fun as always.

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Two things: One is weve traced the ok quality to the microphone, so ill be mic hunting and figuring stuff out so we can get the quality fixed for future podcasts.

The other one and we need your help is were going to start army podcasts. This is where we take the entire time, hour to 90 minutes, to talk all about an army: tactics, army lists, how to get started with the army. Every unit, every upgrade, every combo will be dissected. The only problem, which one do we start with? We have some votes for chaos marines and eldar, but we want you all to help us out. Post your vote, or send us an e-mail. Most votes = next army podcast.

As always we love the feedback so be sure to leave it here or send us an e-mail at 40kwarcasting@gmail.com