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    Hi there,

    Well as you probably already know, there are lots of Chaos Forums but i haven`t seen a single forum devoted to the race of Wankers, of which I am one. Since we were allowed to be an army of Wankers thanks to the Wanker Legion Army List I though we should have a forum of ourselves as well. So hurry and join my forum.

    I promise you that if you`re a Wanker in your very soul, you wont regret it!

    Besides we don`t want anything with followers of Arrchaon to do, i`ll eat his twisted spunk for dinner!

    Yes we had an army list in the HoC book, but it was weak and filled with pesky mortals and twisted beasts. Now we`re far stronger united by the mighty Be`lakor and we`re pure now. Only Wankers.

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    50 (x8)

    How high is your IQ? 40? 50 at best? Let's make this very clear this time:

    P!ss off.

    Link removed, thread locked, you banned... deja vu.
    Ze titles yez...
    When in doubt,
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    But what of the midgets!?
    =]Front in favour of Moderation of the Harshest kind.[=

Closed Thread

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