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Thread: 40k Doom Style

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    Senior Member Sister_mel's Avatar
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    Jan 2003
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    I found this elsewhere. So just pointing out this is not my work, but I thought it was well worth posting up here so that anyone interested could try for themselves!

    Each player (the more the merrier) gets a single space marine figure.

    Spread urban style terrain and a healthy smattering of "blip" counters around the table.

    Each marine is assumed, in addition to a bolt pistol, to posses bionics automatically.

    Make a counter for each marine and mix them all in a big cup. Draw randomly each turn to see what sequence you move in. Draw a counter, move that marine, draw again, etc

    If a marine moves into contact with a Blip, roll on the following chart:

    1: Weapon!
    2: Power up!
    3: Teleporter!
    4: Monster!
    5: Armour!
    6: Nothing

    Roll on the following charts to determine the exact result

    Weapons: (replaces previous)
    1: Boltgun
    2: Storm bolter
    3: Flamer
    4: Plasma gun
    5: Heavy bolter
    6: Sniper rifle

    Power up:
    1: Ignore difficult terrain
    2: Jump pack
    3: Invisible (no enemy attacks) for 2 turns
    4: Terminator honours
    5: Power weapon
    6: Reroll all shots

    Move to any location on the table. Roll scatter die. Scatter 1D6 unless a hit.

    A monster appear on the table, 2D6" away in a random direction. Monster gets an immediate turn, then acts at the end of every game turn.
    Monsters will move towards closest marine, then shoot. Monsters without guns will charge if possible.
    1: Imperial guardsman with lasgun (zombieguy)
    2: Space marine with boltgun
    3: Genestealer
    4: Ogryn with no weapons
    5: Terminator with assault cannon and powerfist
    6: Cyberdemon! (count as space marine force commander with autocannon and powerweapon. May move AND charge)

    1: Artificer
    2: Terminator
    3: Iron Halo
    4: +1 wound
    5: +1 toughness
    6: Can only be fired upon at 12" or less.

    Blips are replenished on a dice roll of 6 at the end of every game turn. Each player then puts one blip anywhere on the table, at least 12" from any marines. Blips scatter 2D6" after placement.

    Marines respawn the turn after dying. Select any point on the table, then scatter 2D6"

    Play for a specified amount of turns, give each player a certain number of respawns, or play to a certain number of frags. (count 10 frags for killing the cyberdemon)

    I wondered also if anyone know of any other games like this that can be tried using 40k models and rules?

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    Senior Member HyperX's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    In your head
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    Well we play chess, but 40K style..

    T J C B L C J T
    S S S S S S S S

    S S S S S S S S
    T J C B L C J T

    S = Space marine scouts (peons)
    T = Terminator (Rook)
    J = Space marine with jump pack = (Horseman)
    C = Chaplain (Bishop)
    B = Sister of battle (Queen)
    L = Librarian (King)

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    Senior Member Pandora's Avatar
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    We uh, played Laser Tag with it, although that was just by arming our Space Marines with Lasguns, and giving not only the oppurtunity to tag each other, but to see how many casulties erupted. In a 4 player (12 marines) we had a single guy die.
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    Senior Member Absoluthor's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
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    Looks fun Sister Mel&#33; Maybe I&#39;ll try it..

    Reminds me of the Doom miniatures that used to be in my local hobby store..
    I always planned to buy the Cyber Demon and arachnotron, they would have made awesome chaos models..

    Do you know who made/make the Doom miniatures?
    Ave Dominus Nox!

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    Senior Member Colonel_Kraken's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
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    Looks very good. I have played a very good game called "Frag, if it moves, shoot it", and the expansion "Frag, if it&#39;s still moving, shoot it again". This is an awesome game, it&#39;s a unreal tournament board game, complete with cheating, lag, and the like. It has a miniature range, but the suck IMO, so we just use 40k models, often representative of their toughness, speed, accuracy etc.
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