Gen Con 2008 - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: Gen Con 2008

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    Gen Con 2008

    Had a very good time again, however once again no official GW events. There were 35,000 attendees this year and I'm sure a few could have been lured into GW games. But as long as GW wants to set themselves apart they'll miss out on large audiences and potential patrons such as these.

    A small but full Flames of War section saw a lot of action. I saw someone with a pair of pink Panzer III's. I stared but didn't ask: I don't think I want to know!

    Still I had a terriffic Con. My Everblight did very well in pick up games.All their tournaments were well attended, and PP released some new models at the Con as well as the nextr rules book: Warmachine Legends. They had a BIG line wrapping around their booth in the dealer room. The line went to and then down along the wall. My wife picked up the new Khadoran Greylord Warcaster. I'm sure its going to be giving me headaches soon enough.

    I spent almost all my time was spent in the very prolific Classic Battletech section. All their games were sold out and their Commandos set up games just to accomodate the extra players!
    Tactical Operations and Technical Readout 3075 were big sellers for them, and Friday night several people in Word of Blake robes came through the area denouncing some book which was about to be published, decrying it as a pack of lies, and tearing pages from a book and huring them to the ground. The pages were from a game supplament no one had ever seen before. The next morning Catalyst Games began selling a brand new Battletech supplament revealing a horde of new info about the Word of Blake and bringing the official storyline up to 3075. It was very cool! (Yes I'm gushing. I love playing Battletech! )


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    GW stay a way from Gen Con for a very good reason.GW products do not compare favorably to the 'wider market'.

    As to the 'pink camo' scheme , some units in the North African theater used this as it worked very well with 'heat haze distortion'.AFAIK.

    And is Classic Battle tech still avalable!Is FASA still producing it?
    Such a cool game ....

    I must get myself to the next Gen Con....

    Thanks for the Info.

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