hey all, I just got back from GD Los Angeles a few minutes ago, and first of all, i would like to thank all the wonderful LO members who helped me improve my Imperial Commissar that I snatched silver in the Golden Demon Youngblood Category, I couldnt have done it without you guys...

Also, Ill just try and point out a few of the events and rumors and such i learned there.


Baneblade big battle; amazing, each and every ork baneblade (30+) were completely converted and extraordinary. One lucky person from the winning side (who could scream waaagh the longest) won the apocalypse pack of 10 leman russes, FREE!

Warhammer Online: a booth of ongoing scenaries, however i didnt play that as i am aldready in closed beta at home

conversion contest: I almost took made the final cut here with a SM chapter bearer, but i also made a squad of veterans/ assault marines which was awsome, which is like $40 worth for free

Scenery: made a few cities of death buildings - very fun

forge world: YES! finally haha i picked up the red scorpions terminator captain that im gonna convert to my red templar captain, and also an awsome tau battlesuit leader with twin linked plasma guns and giant shield looking thing

store: got my hands on bunch of free blisters and crap, and at the end, they were basically throwing up sets for at least 65% off, such as a tau battlesuit for $8, 10 pheonix guard set for $15, and eldar aspect warrior sets for $8 too.

Rumors: when asked about dark eldar, phill kelly basically responded by saying there's nothing upcoming for them, which is a shame. Also, he said theres gonna be a lot more dinos!!! (aka lizardmen) coming relatively soon. the majority of the presentation was about the marines and dark elves, but there was some info on the warrios of chaos, but there's already a forum about that.
OH! i forget, they are remaking legion of the damned =D ill leave you with that

Once again, thats for the advice on my 2nd place mini!