Hello fellow LO Members!

I know a ton of us use the LO Army Builder and the builders themselves work very hard and have a great turn-around rate considering how many requests they deal with on a day to day base.

Considering they have a thread dedicated to them simply building lists, how about we have one of us thanking them? I mean after so many requests, I can only imagine it gets a bit tiring having to make list after list. Here's a thread they can read and just smile as we blanket them in thanks, or beer if they prefer.

What you should fill in:
Who built your list?
When did they build it?
What kind of list was it?
Thank them already!

I'll start with the first one:

Who built my list?

When did they build my list?
Mid August, August 7th if I remember correctly.

What kind of list was it?
Spector built me a 40HFB Daemon army list. It’s a great list for me to use and has been awesome to work with as I learn the game more and more.

Thank you so much Spector! This was my first ever list as a player rather than a painter. Let me know if you ever need anything painted!