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    This year's campaign?

    Has anyone got any ideas on what this year's summer campaign will be this year? Will LotR ever get a proper campaign? I suppose the problem with that is that the fluff is kinda set i stone a bit.

    I reckon it'll probably be a fantasy focussed campaign this year, after last summer was all about the 40k. Will they go back to a realms book like lustria (my personal favourite) or will we get a more nemesis crown style one. That disappointed me a bit as it seemed to just go out without any announcement- it was a "summer's over- look, shiny new army, campaign over."

    On the other hand, 40k still has the moentum from its release, and could well get a campaign as it's easier to fight within fluff constraints for a 40k planet than it is for anywhere on the highly crowded warhammer world.

    Anyway, those are my musings on the subject, if anyone else has any further news/ideas on the subject it'd be great to hear them.

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    I'm pretty sure GW have said they are not going to do any more Summer Campaigns for the foreseeable future.
    Guess you will have to come up with your own campaign
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