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    What are your Apocalypse house rules?

    Sometimes I do not quite agree with Apocalypse rules.

    So I like to include the following:

    Destroyer weapons instant kill anything but monstrous or gargantuan creatures.

    Destroyer weapons ignore all saves. (amour save, cover save, invulnerable)

    Destroyer weapons cause 1+D3 wounds on a monstrous creature.

    Destroyer weapons cause D3 wounds on a gargantuan creature.

    Also, I would like to see something for super heavy vehicles and ramming.

    What do you think of my house rules? What are some of your Apocalypse house rules?

    If you are into lighted-hearted fun where enjoying a game has priority over power gaming then go ahead and try BLOOD BOWL. You will be presently surprised.

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    During our last Apoc game, 2/3rds of the points had to come from the normal FOC chart. The remaining 1/3 could come from Apoc units, legendary formations, or Apoc abilities. It turned out very nicely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinoy View Post
    Sometimes I do not quite agree with Apocalypse rules
    I dislike that the rules fail to forbid Silly Spam.
    Lifting all FOC restriction brings out the worst in some ...

    Here are two silliness-stopper ideas yoinked from Boreas.
    (I really wish these were in the official Apocalypse book):

    * HS/S-H/Gargantuan 'slot' substitution.
    (Ie, 2 HS slots = 1 Super-Heavy or Flyer. 2 S-H/F = 1 Gargantuan.)

    * FOC min/maxes by army size -

    -Per 1000 pts: Max 1 HQ, 1 EL, 2 FA, 1 HS; Min 2 TR.
    -Per 3000 pts: Max 1 Super-heavy/ Flyer (or substitute +2 HS Units).
    -Per 6000 pts: Max 1 Gargantuan Creature/ Walker (or 2 S-H/F or sub +4 HS Units).

    So, if you bring 1000pts, it can't be just two Baneblades. Bring an army, dude; not a toybox.
    If you bring 3000pts, let it be a 'real' Apocalypse army with at least 6 Troops Units, etc.
    But, bring one - not six - inflatible lobster "Brass Scorpions", please! Thanks a bunch.

    6000 pts =
    Max 6 HQ, 6 EL, 12 FA, 6 HS, 2 S-H and 1 Titan.
    Min 12 TR.

    Wow! Nice army, man. Bring on those Baneblades and that sweet Titan.
    And "thank you" for not spamming twelve 24th-scale toy "Baneblades".
    This system does not discriminate against 'Blades - just 'Blade Spam.

    There's a lot of scope for variety using the substitution system, but with less silliness.
    Imo, one "All these plastic Skellies are Abaddons. Hur!" game is quite enough.
    Also, while I'm on the subject of unmodified proxy models -

    A no-questions-asked player veto power over any unmodified proxies -
    "This concrete garden gnome is a Squat Super-Heavy. Hur!
    Help me lift it out of the car?"

    "Um ... no. Just ... no"

    Three more nifty ideas from (iirc) Boreas:

    * Deployment -

    -Min 33% of Units *must* be deployed first turn, but a
    -Min 33% of Units *must* be held in reserve for turn two
    -Any remainder to be committed on turn three

    Again, less silliness when enforced.

    * Deployment Distances -

    Within 6in of the NML Centerline = no Units may be Deployed
    Between 6-12in = only Troop and Fast Attack Units may be Deployed
    Over 12in = any Unit, at player discretion - including TR and FA Units

    This promotes a more orderly dispersal of forces no matter the number of players.

    * "Secret" pregame set-ups -

    Clothesline a paper or fabric barrier across No-Mans-Land
    For a "surprise" first turn. ;- )

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