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    new 40k player (and a question)

    Hi guys, I'm new to 40k. So far I've got AOBR, and I'm planning on starting a Tyranid army, so I also picked up the Tyranid Codex. I was wondering if I should also pick up the 5th edition rulebook, or if I really have all the rules in the little book that came with AOBR.

    In the Tyranid codex I read something about a "weapon limit" and I don't remember reading anything about that in the rules I have. Also, I don't see any rules about what kinds of weapons/options/biomorphs/whatever typically need to be modeled and which dont. Is that in the normal rulebook and just left out of my basic rules since there are no options in the AOBR box anyway? Any other things I am missing that would justify dropping the $50 on the real thing?

    Thanks for any help. And I'd be happy to hear any other advice you might have for a new player. Thanks!

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    Unless you like the fluff, don't need the 5th edition main rulebook.

    Tyranid are limited to two weapons in most cases, some exceptions occur depending on creature (i.e. gaunts can't have two weapons, but must have one).

    You need to model weapons on your Tyranid, and whatever biomorphs/etc. you reasonably can ... for purposes of going to your gaming store and playing, weapons only will satisfy most people. You could do adrenal glands and such too, model to your heart's content, but start w/ weapons and you'll be off to the right start.

    For Tyranid weapons, if you buy two of the same ranged weaopn biomorph, it becomes twinlinked (allowing you to give warriors, for instance, twin-linked devourers by buying two devourers). If you buy two separate weapons, only one can be fired, unless it's a monstrous creature. Weapons that are purchased already twin-linked don't quad-link if you buy two of them ... in that case you just get two twin-linked weapons (i.e. buying 2 twin-linked devourers for a carnifex or a hive tyrant). Tyranid Monstrous Creatures, like other Monstrous Creatures, can fire two ranged weapon biomorphs at a time ... regular Tyranids cannot. For this reason, as a bit of friendly advice from a veteran Tyranid player, you are best giving your Monstrous Creatures TWO weapons that can fire at reasonably similar targets, when possible.
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