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This week Spencer, Phil and Scott are joined by Chris Borer and David Pauwels on the Interview Hotline (presented by These guys have won multiple Golden Demons and Slayer Swords! 33 Demons and 4 Slayer Swords to be exact! You can see them all on¬*Chris and Dave talk to us about what is is like to enter the Golden Demon Painting Competition. They will be sharing their painting knowledge by teaching hobby seminars at AdeptiCon.

This Weeks Topics:
- AdeptiCon Update: Hobby Seminars
- News: $9.00 White Dwarf!! Imperial Guard Rumors, DOW II
- Alternative Model: The Vrock¬*and The Greater Plaguedemon
- Codex Overview: Blood Angels - Fast Attack and Elite Choices

¬*Thanks for Listening!

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