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This Week Spencer and Scott are joined by Greg Sparks and Bill Kim to talk about the AdeptiCon Galdiator Event…..there’s all kinds of titan talk going on. Due to the fickle mind of the Skype Demons Bill did not get to stay long….however we did want to mention Bill’s painting service - BK Army Painting Studio -

This Weeks Topics:

AdeptiCon Update - Gladiator Event
D6G/40K Radio Punch In Challenge
Is it Stompas or Stompi?
Killa Kan Badrukk
40K Movement Trays?
Codex Overview - Blood Angels: Heavy Support and Dedicated Transports
To DVD or not to DVD
NEW 40K Radio Shirts!¬* Punch In. and Logo Shirt

Drink of the Show:
Pomegranate Vodka

Thanks for Listening!

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