guys I didnt know where to put this or if its ok to solicit for private needs on this forum

but basically I am sure you are all aware that rackham legends finally collapsed and they will not be selling metal any more even in bits.

now there are two items that I have not been able to find in all my hunts on ebay, fantization, noble knight, and warstore

the Demon Tower for the dwarves of Mid-nor

and Ophidian Archer for the ophidians

if anyone on this forum owns these NIB I will pay a over market price for both

if you have them unpainted but complete and unassembled with no cards I will pay list price

if you painted it reduce the price accordingly

but I am really desperate for these models and if you can attain one NIB, I will pay well over 100 usd.

thanks, you are my last best hope!