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Spencer and Scott are joined by Chris Chipley… one of the newest members of The Pit Crew. With 2 Tau players in the studio at once, and sitting on the same side of the room………it should be an interesting show……I hope.

Here’s the rundown for this weeks show: (due to popular request the time stamps are back)

Total Run Time: 3:00:00

0:00:00 - Opening
0:03:40 - Watchmen
- a quick review
0:14:00 - This Week in Gaming
0:30:24 - News
- Catalog Request
- New Decals from BOLS
- Planetstrike
- Daemons - 2nd Wave
- Ultraforge Painting Contest
- Games Workshop Data Sheets
- video
1:14:21- Codex Overview
- Titans
2:29:00 - Ending

Thanks For Listening!

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