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Armorcast - Cinematic Effects
Bitz Box - ‚Straight off the Sprue‚
The War Store - ‚We Bring the War to Your Door - For Less!‚
Mana Energy Potion - ‚Less Filling, More Killing!‚
Battle Foam - ‚Protecting Your Army!‚
CCG Armory - “The Ultimate Collector’s Store”

It’s 40K Radio time again! Spencer and Scott are behind the mics this week. For the first time ever we have 2, count them 2, interviews in one show!

Here is the run down for this weeks show:

0:00:00 - Opening
0:02:00 - Pit Crew Review
  • Scott finds a gamer girl!
  • Is Scott prepared for the D6G Challenge?
  • Spencer’s Eldar go to the paint repair shop
  • The baby is finished!
0:12:21 - Interview Hotline: Dave Cresswell - AdeptiCon Terrain Wizard
0:44:37 - Interview Hotline: Bill Kim - AdeptiCon Marketing/Gladiator - Late breaking AdeptiCon news!
  • Guest list update
  • Cash Bar - World Premier of 40K Radio’s Punch In. !!!
  • Steak Dinner Challenge
  • Check out Bill Kim’s professional painting service
1:08:50 - Battlefoam
1:09:25 - World’s End Radio
1:10:06 - Swag-Mart
1:10:39 - News
1:29:48 - Armorcast
1:30:57 - CCG Armory
1:31:34 - Codex Overview - Gargantuan Creatures
2:05:25 - The War Store
2:05:55 - Freebootaz
2:06:45 - The D6 Generation
2:07:23 - Bitz Box
2:13:35 - Ending

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Thanks for Listening!

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