This originaly didn't even grab my attention. I saw it as another money spinning idea from the guys that brought us Apocalypse.

After speaking to a few guys at my local club who picked up the book, and reading the bell of lost souls review. I have to say my interest about it is growing. So much so I'm now actualy pondering what minis I like the look of incase I decide to pick up a copy. Wich is a shock as I have never even touched anything Lord of the Ringsy, that include the films, books and games. Its just never done it for me.

I'm just wanting to know what you guys think about it? Has anyone actualy had a fairly large game with this yet? I've not actualy read any of the rules yet, but from what I've been hearing the book seams to be very well written and thought out. Theres potential for an amazing game. Wich is what I'm interested in.

So thoughts and oppinions? Also if you have played any larger games, how did it go?