Hey all,

I live in central Nebraska (in the middle of the U.S. for those who are geographically challenged) and it is a 3 hour drive to the nearest regular game spot.

There are however literally dozens of 40k (and fantasy I've been told) players scattered here and there amongst the corn fields who don't get much table time just cause it is so hard to make the travel time available let alone the couple of hours to play a single game.

Needless to say this also makes recruiting new players hard, because what is the point of buying if you can't be playing?

What several of us have discussed is a quarterly local RTT, probably 3 rounds starting at 1000pts/army, to ensure the games are kept under 2 hrs.

I currently have grabbed the RTT stuff and GT stuff off the US site, the Throne of Skulls stuff off the Uk site, the adepticon faq, and various other .pdf resources. I also found an Australian program called Overlord that can do most of the background "day-of" work for me. (I even got it to run on vista)

I have reviewed those thoroughly, and they give alot of insight into the running of the games and scoring and such, but I need an idea of what the best as a whole looks like.

At what point does the size get unwieldy? Just cause you can expect 30-36 people to be interested should you limit it to the first 24, or even 20?

Which scoring system is the most objective? What about paint scores? Is a half hour lunch long enough? Or does it need to be an hour?

And I *know* that there are a whole host of questions that I haven't even begun to consider, because just cause you've played in a bunch of tourneys doesn't give you any idea what the guy on the other side of the registration table has put into it.

I would love to know if any (or all of you) have any tips/suggestions/resources for laying the ground work for such an ordeal.

Thanks for all the help guys/gals. May your dice roll true.