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    fledgling chaos marine idea

    hey, im looking into a new army for summer, i just got a job at arbys and got prom over with, so money is as plentiful as it will get...i was listening to "wanted dead or alive" by bon jovi and i thought of chaos marines on bikes, and then i thought of an entire army of them, and the idea really appealed to me...i would have every model on a bike, but just for looks regular marines and other troops would just be counted as infantry (but i would still have a lot of official bikes in the army) and i was going to call them abyssys angelus which is latin for hell's angels...i did a test model of a biker with a heavy bolter converted onto the back of it using the plastic devestator model and i am very pleased with it...so, does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? should i go ahead with this project or stick to a traditional army?

    chaos marines have the chaos gods on their side, but space marines have games workshop on theirs

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    If you're willing to go to the extent of modelling every Marine on a bike then you might as well make it official and do a White Scars theme. It is a playable list; the only reason for its lack of popularity is the money cost of the bike models themselves. Don't worry about running a Chaos warband under the loyalist rules--so long as the models are WYSIWYG everything will be fine, even for tournaments.

    If you insist on using the Chaos Marine Codex then there are a couple builds you could do. I would recommend three bike squads and a lot of lesser daemons for the troops (which you can model pretty much any way you want). Noise Marines would also work well.

    There's no point in modeling ordinary CSMs on bikes. It wouldn't be WYSIWYG, would cause confusion over which models were actual bikers and would be a serious modeling effort with little benefit. It's a great idea, though; just make sure the reward will be worth the effort you put in.
    "My tanks have names, my men have numbers." -Col. Edmund Grahvess, 23rd Kronecker Prison Guard

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