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    Need help in creating a large multi-army transport (hard shelled)

    I am trying to figure out the best way to make a large army case that will be able to hold about 8000 pts. of Bretonnians and Orcs & Goblins, and about 3000 pts. of Tau (six skimmers and a bunch of crisis suits), plus another 1500 pts. in random little stuff. The Sabol trays look pretty nice but all their transport bags are soft which wouldn't work well for the check-in luggage on airplanes (that is what I mostly need this for).

    So I am wondering if anyone has designed a large army transport suitable for multiple armies and can withstand being jostled around by big harry sportie sportso's working at the airport?


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    Ok I've faced similar problems too, although not with the flying part. I believe my solution could be applied here too.

    First off you basically need a large flight case. There are hundreds on the market, literally, most way out of anyones price range and as large as a desk.

    So you need to find one which fits GW foam. The one I have is a DAP Stack Case 2 - Multipurpose Flight Case. This, when measured, could fit around 20-22 single GW foam trays (a single tray being 1/3 of the normal foam in a £30 carry case). Some foam might be a tight fit but fit it does, you may want a foam cutter to help here if the foam is a little too large.

    The price ain't too bad for a flight case, coming in at just over £90, plus if you want you can pay for casters and have the thing on wheels. It comes with spring latches for the lid closing making sure the lid ain't going to come off mid flight.

    Here is the place I got mine from:DAP > DAP Stack Case 2 - Multipurpose Flight Case ONLY 96.30

    Mine sits at the end of my bed as is a godsend to my models so I can have them stored and ready to go when need be. The only problem is I now need more than one!

    Hope this helps


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