I bought mine yesterday, at an independent stockist in Oslo, that gave me 15%-off all 40k minis I bought that day.

Things I like about the book:
-The Imperium is more Mordheim than ever
-The little 'techpriestkid' that shows up in several places as some kind of mascot.
-Lots of great new and old artwork
-It's hardcover
-The missions are divided into three levels of Alpha, Gamma and Omega, where Alpha means no mission special rules, Gamma means you include stuff like Reserves, infiltrate and deepstrike, and Omega is lots of special rules.
-Kill team.
-Dusk & Dawn and concealment mission special rules(I play Night Lords)
-All the conversion and painting articles
-It's an index of all the rules at the back of the book, but sadly it's not alphabetical.

Anyway, what do you think about it?