Hey Everyone,

I've been poking around and looking for different ways to make Army trays with my newly acquired foam (and felt too, just in case).

I found a few interesting articles like this one.

DakkaDakka - Warhammer 40K Forums - Making your own miniature carrying case

and this one


The first one looks very well-done, and I actually have a Dremel...so the only tools I think I would need are the Couplings, Shapening tools and Spray adhevise. I'm not sure if I want to use the models standing up method though, since right now I have only 1" of foam, which means I would probably need to go purchase another 1/2" to 1" layer. Using the Couplings to cut the foam seems really effiecient and easy.

I actually had an idea of my own. I was considering cutting the foam into strips and blocks and glueing onto another layer to form a custom "grid" as opposed to carving out the holes in the center of the foam.

So, if I had a tray with 10 figs in 2 rows of 5, I would cut 4 long strips for the length and width, one more strip for the middle, then a few smaller blocks to fill in the spaces inbetween, and glue them all to a thinner layer of foam, which would be backed up by cardboard.

Not sure if this would work well, I'm a bit worried about the sturdiness of it. But I feel this would help me get more trays out of the foam I have, so I don't have any wasted foam!! Hopefully it will cut clean and not be too flimsy or come un-glued.

What do you guys think? HAs anyone ever tried this?

Regardless of what method I choose to go with. I'm wondering what tools you guys would recommend for cutting foam.