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    WHFB Campaign ideas - yay or nay?!

    greetings-greetings fellow man-things!

    i'm trying to come up with some ideas for running a future fantasy campaign at the local store, but i'd like to gear it towards newer players to fantasy and keep it a more 'friendly' atmosphere... basically, i want to keep the power-hungry gits out of this one, since this tends to be the main obsticle to newer players! (ie: the tournament and/or cut-throat types who enjoy demolishing younger players or players who've recently switched systems and are still learning the ropes...)

    to that end, i'd like to hear your opinions on what i've started to brainstorm... basically, do you feel that this is 'fair' to all armies and would help deter alot of the more power builds?

    the main rules for all games, no matter the max points size are:

    Low-Fantasy Army Restrictions:
    The most important rule of this campaign is for everyone involved to have fun! Thus, we want to encourage players to stay away from the more ‘uber competitive deathstar units and ultra-powerful lord & hero combinations one would typically see in a tournament style setting… to this end, the following rules apply to ALL! armies for all campaign games:
    - No army may spend more than 33% of their total pts on heroes.
    - Only 33% of your total points may be spent on missile units - this includes wizards & war machines!
    - Each army is limited to only 3 total Magic Levels. Undead armies however, who are far more reliant on their wizards to maintain their forces, may contain up to 4 Magic Levels! (*Note: items that contain bound spells and/or transfer magic dice between phases do not count against this limit!)
    - No units may contain 3 characters.
    - No army may contain more than 1 model with the ‘Large Target’ rule. (ie: giants, dragons, cygors, hydras etc...)

    this first set of 'seasonal restrictions & rules' is intended for armies of 500-550pts. small games yes, but ideal for playing your shiny new battalion set strait away!

    The rules & restrictions for the first campaign season;
    - Armies may contain no more than 2 Heroes worth a combined total of no more than 250pts including all magical items, chaos gifts, vampire powers and similar upgrades! (*Note: Bretonnian armies MAY NOT! include the additional hero normally allowed! However, for this season, they DO NOT! have to include a Battle Standard Bearer as ‘normal’ Bretonnian armies must.)
    - only 0-1 war machine may be included in any force. This includes things like Skaven weapon teams, chariots and choices which ‘normally’ allow multiples to be taken. (ie: an Orc & Goblin army may only contain up to 1 goblin thrower even though up to 2 may normally be chosen.)
    - Armies may only contain 0-1 flying unit or creature.
    - No models with the ‘Large Target’ rule, (ie: giants, hydras, dragons, cygors etc…) may be taken.
    - No army may contain more than 0-2 Special and/or Rare unit choices. (yes, even high elves!)
    - No more than 1 model in a Vampire Counts army may be capable of summoning additional skeletons/ghouls/bats/wolves. (please check your invocation spam lists at the crypt door!).

    that's what i've got so far... so would you see this as fair? i know vampire players might take offense to the '1 summoning power only', but considering how easily they can raise troops, i hope that this will knock the invo-spam lists on the head... (as in 500pts you could have a pair of vamps w/summon ghouls, 4-5 total casting dice, 2 units of ghouls + corpse cart for the bound spell... nasty!!!)

    any ideas of different limitations and/or changes to any of the above?
    would you play a game under these restrictions?

    thanks for any and all help/input!

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    Sounds like you're so worried about cheese that you neuter the flavor of alot of armies.

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    Most of them, lol. Why not just make it a new player tournament? A Squire Tournament.

    Looking at it from my perspective on four armies.
    • If I have a wizard, that takes up points towards heroes AND shooting. Screwing over my Wood Elves and DEFINITLY screwing over Tomb Kings.
    • Tomb Kings MUST have a Prince and Priest minimum. So if you can't have three characters but undead can have four magic levels - that only boosts Vampires.
    • My Beastmen (under new rules as you included new units) won't be allowed any rare choices that I have lovingly converted and painted. Tomb Kings may be unable to as well, their rare units are either a catapult or a bone giant and their priests are expensive.
    • Brettonia have to take two characters but are let off the hook - Tomb Kings aren't and their two characters cost 215pts basic.
    • Tomb Kings have units of chariots, but can only take one light chariot now? Hardly fair unless you have it count as a full chariot with the improved rules that implies. That is then changing an army directly then though.
    • The High Elves phoned, they want the majority of their units back.
    • Is invocation spam really a problem with newbs? Considering this is designed as an out the battalion battle idea?

    The joy at 500pts and similar is that unbalanced armies tend to fall on their arse anyway! I'm involved in a 500pt campaign currently and have only lost to horde armies because, to quote my opponents - I'm playing an incredibly balanced army while half of the group are relying on one unit.

    If you're having to police army lists and add all sorts of unusual rulings on an armylist it not only infers those options are superior for regular play (which I would disagree with anyway) but also does not let the newer people LEARN for themselves. A poor general that is cushioned from fighting in an unfair battle is simply going to whine louder when they finally face a filthy army. Certainly explain why certain combinations are horrible and gribbly but to outright ban them is to disadvantage a new player for when he faces a more experienced player with a superior list.

    And lets face it, some newbs you really need to show them what's what, you know the ones I mean, the ones who've been playing two months and think their army is the best thing since sliced bread and shout about it. Then accuse you of cheating if you so much as pass an army save and win combat resolution.

    I play balanced, fluff-centric armies and have only been playing a year and a half but I would find those rules too restrictive and cowing to how I play. The new guys have enough rules to learn without being bent into a particular alteration of those rules in the first place, just don't let the vets join in the tournament and let the new players learn among themselves with supervision from a rule-savvy observer or two.
    Fantasy: Wood Elves, Dark Elves, Beastmen and Tomb Kings.
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