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    Starting a new army....

    Ok so I have a decent sized space wolves and a wood elf army.....what next?
    I like the skirting round the edges picking people off kind of army.....sniper warfare
    but also don't mind big guns like tank orientated, not so fond of getting in close.

    From this Ork type armies aren't really on the cards, chaos doesn't really appeal......
    I'm thinking TAU or Guard armies, love the TAU models but also fancy having a ton of guys with big guns with bigger tanks!
    Possibly Nids, their models are fantastic and if I was getting up close and personal it would be with these guys!

    Or fantasy,
    I'm thinking lizardmen or Bretonnians! Love the models!

    So anyone any suggestions, do you have 1 or more of these armies?
    Who do you prefer playing with?
    Or would you suggest looking at something different?

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    Tau, Eldar and Dark Eldar can be played in a similar vein as you Wood Elves.
    Keep moving, striking hard in one spot while avoiding the Enemy is the play style of those 3 armies.
    Tau are very shooty, kroot can hold there own in combat, but are not combat kings. Tau tanks are some of the best in game, crisis suits are great, troops are a bit weedy though
    Dark Eldar hit hard in both shooting and combat, and are incredibly fast, very outdated codex though.
    Eldar can be shooty and choppy and are faster than most, their tanks are powerful and fast, the troops are very specific in their chosen role, so you need to be careful with where you strike and with what.
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    Doom Eagle Space Marines
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    Inquisitorial Xeno Hunters

    and my attempted foray into fantasy
    'Dark Angel Green' Dark Elves in need of fluff

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    A Lizardmen army with a lot of skink skirmishers, terradon riders and razordon/salamander hunting packs can be a pain to get a hold of, they are even faster than wood elves. 6" movement. And the saurus troops pack a mean punch in combat.

    Bretonnia is an army that does this: Deploy - moves turn 1 - charges turn 2 - either has won the battle or lost it by 3. It has loads of knights and will be mean on the charge, especially with a lot of those huge lance formations, but it hasn't got that much finesse.

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