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    I made a list of Names for Divisions

    Army Squad Army Macroscale
    Imperial Guard Platoon Company Army
    Space Marines Squad Company Chapter
    Beastmen Herd Warherd Beastherd
    Chaos Marines Band Warband Black Crusade
    Craftworld Eldar Troop Warhost Craftworld
    Exodites Hunt Principality Glade
    Harlequins Troupe Band Masque of Death
    Eldar Pirates Crew Wing Argosy
    Dark Eldar Gang Raid
    Tau Cadre Corps Sphere
    Kroot Kindred Kindred Tribe Great Hunt
    Orks Mob Horde Waaagh/Greentide
    Necrons Phalanx Legion Red Harvest
    Tyranids Brood Swarm Hive
    Slann Spawn Swarm Magehood
    Dhawi Squad Clan/Guild Brotherhood
    Hruds Pack Tribe/Clan Hrudom
    Tarellians Pack Warpack Dynasty

    Fill in the blanks for me or feel free to suggest new, different names.

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