This thread is for people to discuss and post free lancesr or companies that they felt produced impressive minatures.

I haven't ordered anything and i have no intention like most painters of ever getting anyone else to paint my own minatures, but i don't mind looking at their work and drawing inspriation from it.

One particular company who caught my eye are the Grey Matter Musings company, they have won the past two Adepticon awards for best appearance including this year and have won the players choice award in 2009 and have come 2nd this year all for 40k, and here's what they have to say if you can't access the link.

Seeing their models makes me think, why haven't they entered the golden daemons?
What is GMM?

Grey Matter Musings is the brainchild of a miniature painter of ten years, who has won several painting awards and has whose work has been featured on the Games Workshop website. It was started mainly as a side project, and has evolved into a full blown, full service business that has been making busy gamers' dreams come true for over a year. We've succesfully found our place in the miniature painting world; a hidden corner where the miniatures are very high quality, the prices are tabletop standard, and the communication is fast and friendly.
Why GMM?

We really believe that we are one of a kind in that we offer gallery quality minis for the same price that others charge for a basecoat and ink or "glaze". We don't just dunk your minis in a few different beakers of solution and call it a day. We painstakingly paint our minis to a standard that is hard to find and afford in today's world. We do it because we love it. Why should a select few get the very best? We think everyone deserves it.
Before now, only a handful of people had access to well painted armies: the very rich, and the very talented. If you don't have the ability or time to paint, you had to pay thousands to get a well painted army. That's the end of that.
With us you also get very good communication. We keep in touch throughout the whole process, and many of our clients have become good friends. You know you have something good going when clients come to you not only for painting, but for gaming advice and chat.

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