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    Brainstorming for a "Counts As" army

    Over the last few days iv been pondering about starting up a new army for fun more than anything and want it to be fairly unique. I wanted an army that was fairly melee oriented and neither mech heavy or swarmy which landed me on demons, the original idea was a genestealer cult mixed with some mutants but as the idea progressed I decided to change it from genestealer cult into more of a mercenary list. This would mean I could kitbash stuff together and get the highly unique feel I was looking for and incorporate the DS arrival as mercs showing up in waves and psychic powers as wyrds and psychers and maybe a little chaos touched so add some random mutation in the mix.

    So far Iv got a rough idea of what models to use for which units with the feel im going for with each unit:

    Bloodletters - The Empire Free Company with Imperial Guard
    Daemonettes - Dark Elf Ark Corsairs with Imperial Guard
    Plaguebearers - Vampire Count Zombie Horde
    Pink Horrors - Kitbashed Imperial Guard with variety of Xeno weapons and Armor
    Flesh Hounds - Chaos Warhounds
    Beasts of Nurgle - Vampire Counts Crypt Ghouls
    Flamers of Tzeentch - Kitbashed Imperial Guards with Flamers/Lasgun and Elysian Drop Troops backpack
    Seekers of Slaanesh - Dark Elf Cold One Knights with Imperial Guard
    Nurglings - lizardmen jungle swarms or skaven rat swarms
    The Skulltaker - Lokhir Fellheart or Sigvald the Magnificent
    The Masque - Lyryssa Ryssyll (hordes)
    Blue Scribes - Krueger the Stormwrath (hordes) or Imperial Guard Primaris Psyker
    The Changeling - guardsmen with a shroud on it or maybe xeno parts ?
    Herald of Khrone - Dark Elf Dreadlord
    Herald of Tzeentch - Dark Elf Supreme Sorcerer, going for a potent wyrd feel here
    Herald of Nurgle - Skaven Lord Skrolk with some conversion or Gorman Di Wulfe (hordes)
    Daemon Princes - heavily converted river trolls, WHFB ogres, Thagrosh the Messiah (hordes)

    Was planning on using Kolony Rebel or Geral Head sprues from pig-iron for anything that is humanoid. As is evident from what iv come up with so far I dont want to stick just to WH40k models and am happy to mix in models from other games as long as the scale is similar. The main things I cant figure for the time being are Bloodcrushers and Fiends tho since I dont really intend to use Seekers I could put the cold one riders as Fiends or Bloodcrushers or both, just put different riders on them to show which they should be (ie: bulky humanoids for crushers, slender elves for fiends. I know fiends arnt cavalry but artistic license )
    Also I have no idea for greater demons or soul grinder so im open to any sort of ideas though at this point dont really intend to use them. There are afew other units I havnt listed mainly because I dont think I will use them but would still be keen to see if anyone had ideas encase I do change my mind later on.

    All suggestions and constructive criticism welcome

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    Maybe for Bloodcrushers sentinels armed with Killa Kan close combat weapons? For greater demons a penitent engine? For me I feel like Human mercenaries should have some vehicles, and a few walkers scattered in would do that. I think the idea is bold and could work out to be pretty cool. I just have to say that the pest count as armies I have seen are the ones that are really different from the armies they are connected too. For example my sentinels as blood crushers idea could be a bit confusing if someone thought they were walkers and you have to keep explaining they are not. Anyways good luck.

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