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    40k Radio fires presenters

    I can honestly say that I have never listened to the show, but it does seem quite a popular one. So this comes as a shock as it seems that the two head presenters on the podcast have been fired by the 'manager/owner'. This is taken from a blog of a listener of the show...

    Quote Originally Posted by The 25mm Warrior Blog
    The gaming world was stunned today as 40k Radio has announced that Scott and Chipley have been kicked off the show.

    Evidently Spencer is the boss over at 40k Radio and according to the forums it was his decision to kick them off the show for not playing enough 40K. His argument was that the two had not played a game of 40K in six months and he wants hosts on the show that play the game regularly. Spencer slammed them with an ultimatum. In his words...

    "Shit or get off the pot."
    And taken from the comments on the podcast itself, by Spencer...

    Quote Originally Posted by Spencer
    Neither Scott nor Chipley have played a game of 40k, in 6 months. I have been harping on them about this for a long time now.

    It finally came down to shit or get off the pot.

    They were given the option to either start playing or leave the show. They decided to leave. I gave them the option to come on the show and say their farewells. They both declined.

    I also gave them the option to be on fewer shows to allow room for playing, they also declined that.

    What do you all think to that?


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    I'd say that they thought that it was an easy way to earn cash, obviously they're not interested in playing the game otherwise they would've done so already. Really, once you know the rules on how to play the game it is not too hard to have a game a week just to keep their jobs, in effect, they tried the game and thought that they could get away with not playing the game regularly. The owner of the show found out. Gave them a chance. They ignored/didn't take the chance. Got booted.

    IMO I'd LOVE to go on the show and talk about my favourite hobby and if that was an option, I'll jump at the chance. In all, if it's paying the bills, keeping a roof over your head and putting food in your stomach, why blow it?


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