As you may or may not be aware, the prices of many Games Workshop products are about to go up, including the Assault on Black Reach set, so it’s your last chance to grab two 1000 point armies for $100 each. All you need is two Assault on Black Reach sets, the Space Marine and Ork codex and…‘Voila’! You now speak French…I mean, have two Warhammer 40k armies.

For the Space Marines, it’s admittedly pretty easy. You get two full tactical squads, two space marine captains (who could also count as librarians or specific characters if you prefer), ten terminators, and two dreads. That’s about 1200 points worth of models, right out of the box.

The Orks, however, are a bit more problematic. A common complaint I’ve heard from new Ork players is that after splitting two AoBR sets with a friend, not only did the Space Marines get a lot more points, but their army is far more effective as well.

It’s true, despite getting more models, there’s only around 900 points worth of Orks in the set, and many of the units aren’t very effective as they are. Luckily, there are three things Ork players can do to help even up the odds:

  1. In each unit of slugga boyz, include a nob with a powerklaw. Of course, there are no extra powerklaws, but use your imagination. I’m sure you have bits or toy pieces that look vaguely claw shaped. If nothing else, just clip off a few small pieces of sprue and fashion them yourself. They might not look pretty, but you’ll be winning too often to care, especially if you also attach the Warbosses to the groups, to give them a bosspole and a second klaw.

  1. Use the remaining nobz as kommandos. The super secret conversion: paint them green and call them kommandos. Their equipment is exactly the same. Of course, they could use some burnas and a powerklaw, so see if you can piece together something convincing from spare parts, as per the previous example.

  1. Steal…I mean, ask nicely for one of the two dreadnoughts. Offer him a pizza or something for it. You can use it as a deff dread, which will really help even up the point values.

There, now you have even forces, and a great way to start the hobby, or (if you’ve already robbed your friend’s garage) to expand your forces. All you need is a friend who wants to split the cost with you, and you’ll both have a full, complete army for only $100 each.

Hell, if they won’t do it, I will. Give me a ring.