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    Dedicated Transport Vehicles

    I wasn't sure where to post this but i just wanted to know how dedicated transports work..... well what i mean is, just say that a unit (most likely Space Marines) who can take a Rhino or a Razorback as a dedicated transport if it also says "in their profile" that the unit can take a Land Raider Crusader as a dedicated transport, even though it is a Heavy Support choice, does it THEN mean that it no longer takes up a Heavy Support Slot, same goes with Orks & the Battlewagon.

    The reason for this random question is, because i was in the games workshop a couple of days ago & not one but two of the employees there (one being the manager) said that if a unit CAN take a Land Raider Crusader as a dedicated transport it will no longer take up a Heavy Support Slot because of 5th Ed dedicated transport rules is this True or Not thanx.

    p.s Sorry if this post is a little bit long !!!

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    Yes if a unit can take it as a dedicated transport then it does not take up a position on the chart.
    So with SM - if a termi team takes the LR as dedicated transport then you still have all 3 HS slots.
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