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    The Simple Things of life in 40k.

    Now we all know that in the far future there is only war right?

    Well a group of friends and myself were thinking about this, and theres gotta be something else in between. The civilians in the hives must have something to do besides work, guardsmen cant fight all the time and someone has to do the basic tasks, like cooking and cleaning.

    So the question is, how have products that you and I know and recognise today, changed in about 38,000 years.

    Have Henry hoovers been replaced by little red servitors?
    What is the music like, does everybody listen to ==I==pods?
    Whats happend to everyday objects like Lightbulbs or Cigarettes?
    Can you still go to a 40k BurgerKing?

    Feel free to add any more you can think of

    This isnt a sirious topic, just something we thought might be quite fun to post and see what comes up. Go wild people, how have the little things changed?

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    we know that cigarettes/cigars still exist cos in gount's ghosts novels they smoke Iho sticks, which are basicly the same. I reckon that fancy terran buildings will have some kind of special lighting method but imperial gaurd trenches will just have lightbulbs and lanterns. I love the idea of inquisition ipods (and must someday create one!) however i am slighly skeptical, however it could be easy to imagine a sister of battle purging heretics with her flamer whilst listening to, 'Burn baby burn, disco inferno!'. Which i believe should be in the ultramarines movie. From what i have read there are gaurdsmen who do the cooking however regiments with ratlings have them as chefs.i've never heard anything about anyone cleaning though, maybe you are correct about the henry servitors. :p I dont think there is a burger king but their might be 'the little grot' or 'kentucky fried kroot'.
    Well here's my contribution. hope i helped.

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    In the Eishenhorn novels, maybe just the big book,not sure. They have a short story and it references people being rug makers and other profession. Also in the ravennor series they get close to a suspect by acting like they collect pottery like the suspect
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