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Thread: TERRIBLE Luck!

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    TERRIBLE Luck!

    I played a game yesterday and something so horrendous happened I just have to vent about it:

    I was playing my first Spearhead game. I chose the Mechanized Assault Spearhead. I had 3 squads in outflanking landraiders (hmm....maybe I deserved this bad luck...:-/ )

    Anyway my Tau opponent fires three shots with railguns. Three hits. Three penetrating hits. Three explosions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY 1'S 2'S,3'S ETC I ROLL ON VEHICLE PEN ROLLS????? He gets 3 consecutive explosions!!! WHAMMO 800+ points down the drain!!!

    That is the worst, but after that I FAILED THREE PINNING TESTS AND 2 MORALE TESTS!!!! I finished the game with 2 squads of grey hunters being escorted from the table by his stupid suits!!

    I could really not believe what was happening...such are the vagaries of dice!! By the way, I ended up winning the mission...LOL

    My opponent and I laughed our butts off at my terrible dice rolls...

    Once a Marine, always a Marine.

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    Sounds like you need some new dice

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