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    Special character meets special rules question.

    I was at my local store on wednesday having a game of tyranids vs blood angels when an interesting querie came up. We had hormagaunts in combat with gabriel seth who had just used is whirling sword move. The thing is apparently seth's move causes all opponents rolls of a 1 to hit to take another hit against them, but the hormagaunts get to re-roll rolls of a 1. He thought they should take the hit on the first roll of 1 but i thought they shouldn't because of the re-roll. Only taking the hit on a second roll of a 1. We put it down to a dice roll in the end to decide.

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    The reroll to hit takes presidence over taking a hit from the 1.

    The reroll signifies a better chance of hitting, not trying again, if you rolled a 1, rerolled it ant got a 1 then you would take the hit. If you rolled a 1 then rolled a 5, you wouldn't.

    I'll check with my partner later, he's a Blood Angels player, I'm a 'Nids player, whenever I've played 40k (same in fantasy actually) it's always a rerolled result that's used in situations like this.
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