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    Senior Member MarxusTharin's Avatar
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    Looking to build a second army.

    I only have one squad started, and am using the paint scheme of red shirts, brown pants, grey boots and sashes.

    Not sure what Clan I want to base them off of, but Evil suns might be a good parent clan.

    My concern is not so much the fluff (Hey they are ORKS, do they need a reason to abandon a clan and make their own?) My concern is what should I look into purchasing to flesh out a good ork army of 5000 points?

    YES I SAID 5000.

    I need to establish a good army list, and I have the money to buy it.

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    Senior Member matus's Avatar
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    If this is a question about writing a good ork list you may be better off taking this to the ork forum, there are some real experts there.

    If you want to push it to 5k you aren't really even looking at one good army list, you'll probably end up buying a little of everything and only using a few efective units each game.

    If your intention is to use it all at once it will only be in apocylipse so you may be best off bulking it our with stompas and super heavies. No game will be fun waiting for an ork player to mset up and move his 500 ork models.

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