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Thread: Pro Painting

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    Pro Painting

    Everyone in a while when I am feeling naughty I go onto Ebay and purchase myself a new model that I don't need and doesn't fit in my army, or it's race for that matter. These models usually include the Titan Princeps or anything else that I can find for a very low cost. Now, my grand collection is at a high, and I am finally getting around to painting them. Right now I am working on an Eldar Vyper that I actually won at a tournament.

    Anyway, I was just wondering what you guys think about selling painted models on Ebay, and whether or not the term "Pro Painted" does anything.

    I have seen these "Pro Painted" models before and sometimes they look very cool, but the bidder has them at ridiculous prices. Other times, the price is still incredible, but the model is complete crap and still has mold lines and the likes. Usually, however, the model is average and has 1 bid at $4 and 2 hours left.

    It seems to me like even the beautiful models don't get any love, and in reality, people are buying these cheap models that someone put time into, just so that they can strip it and re-paint in.

    Thanks for your input!

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    Pro painted puts me off. The term is almost never used to actually reffer to a paint job that was done by a professional (ie someone whose job, or side line is to paint minatures). More often than not they are barely passable table top standard and the term has become a bit of a joke.

    I'm far more likely to believe terms like 'good table top standard', or 'good presentation standard' since they are not the cut and paste term sellers use to try and up thier prices.

    At the end of the day, if your paint job is good, and really does add value, nothing will show that better than a well taken photo. Make sure you have at least one shot, with decent lighting form a decent camera that shows the model off and honestly label the listsing with words like centre piece, presentation or even good gamiming standard.

    A blurry picture and the term Pro Paint Job!!!111!!! just makes me think, pull the other one, and bid 99p

    The main problem you may have is, that as you are not painting to a comission, you may find it hard to find a buyer who is willing to pay what the hours of work are worth. Like most gamers I don't buy from ebay to get a presentaion minature. I want my models to match the rest of my army, and no matter how good the paint job is, if it does not match mine I probably won't keep it. Admittedly I may buy a cool minature just for collecting/displayings sake, but if I was going to show something off, I'd rather it was my own work, but thats just me.

    You may be better off posting on this forum somehting like 'I have a limited edition titan princeps which I am going to paint up and sell on ebay. If anyone is interested let me know your colour scheme and I will paint it to match'.

    [as a side note I'd also try and refrain fromthe habit some people have of cut and pasting, or even writing up, the fluff for the model in question. Most people searching will generally know what the models background is and will be more interested in knowing rellevent facts, like wheather the minature is sealed/varnished, was it a limited edition, are the guns magnetised, are the doors glued shut, wil you combine postage etc]
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