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    The effects of 8th edition

    After 2 months of playing 8th who do you think benefitted the most and is one of the better if not best army to use? Also, who got shafted the worst and now one of the worst armies?
    Feel free to make tiers for this, I have accepted that the tier system will never go away and complaining about it won't make it go away.

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    Well, the two easiest answers for your main questions (best and worst) are probably Warriors of Chaos and Vampire Counts, respectively.

    Warriors have become almost broken in my experiences with them. T4 on everything but the Marauders, S4 on everything, and ridiculous 4+ full plate, mixed in with the ability to give any regiment Frenzy or a +1 to all of their Wardsaves (including parry) means that they've turned into full bodied beasts. They have access to all of the nasty Lores, and even their sorcerers wear armor and wreck in combat. They have all of the troop types that you could want as well- Fast Cavalry, Warbeasts, Monstrous Infantry (in 3 varieties), 3 types of Monstrous Creatures, ridiculously priced Heavy Cavalry, and of course their rock hard Warriors and horde-ready Marauders (although marauder hordes are a bad idea). Their characters run on the pricier side of things, but they're very cheap for the amount of brutality that you actually get from them.

    Vampires have been relegated to the lowest tiers, right back to their Tomb King cousins. The Powerdice Cap, especially in conjunction with Loss of Concentration, has really hurt them. Where they used to have 24 dice and could try to spam IoN for +D6 wounds as many times as they wanted, now they're left with about 7 dice, and because of loss of concentration, they cast on 2 dice at a time. +D6 wounds sounds great until you realize that casualties among their regiments have skyrocketed thanks to the massive amount of attacks being traded in 8th, and they lose 1 model/lostCR, on top of normal casualties.
    Their infantry are horrid with Low Initiative across the board, and percentages mean that you are basically throwing away 25% of your army. Random Charge along with Steadfast and Step-up have nerfed their extremely pricey Blood Knights quite heavily as well. Like Warriors, they have NO shooting whatsoever, but unlike Warriors, they lack the toughness or armor to bounce the damage. While the VC can still win games, they've been relegated to a 1-trick pony, either spamming Magic Dice as much as possible, or throwing Ethereals down your throat in droves.

    If I had to drop things into 3 tiers from my experience, I'd have to go with these standings. (armies within each standing are in no particular order)

    Competition (broken, nearly broken) Armies-
    Warriors, High Elves, Lizardmen, Dark Elves, Daemons, Lizardmen
    all of these armies benefit from good magic, along with some nasty flavor rules like their Armor, excellent shooting or ASF, or army-wide Unbreakable

    Friendly Armies-
    Ogres, Empire, Bretonnia, Dwarfs, Beastmen, Orcs, Skaven
    all fairly balanced. For example- while Ogres have excellent hitting power with their Monstrous Infantry, they lack anything else.

    Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings, Wood Elves
    Unfortunately, 8th edition rules have overlapped in such a way as to bring ruin to these armies. The latter two have always been relatively low in the classes, but the VC have now joined them for all of the reasons listed earlier in this post.
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    I had decided to enter WHFB in 7e with the release of Warriors of Chaos. After not so many games, I started to hate Fantasy. every game was an incredibly uphill battle with them. It was too easy for an opponent to shut down my magic phase. I had no shooting. I could only win a fight if I charged, and only then if it was something other than Swordmaster types. I even felt lucky to make it to combat at all. Terrain rules and auto march blocking meant that I'd only see 4in of movement a turn. Not fun at all...

    -New movement means I see combat no later than Turn 3, usually.

    -When I get there, I can finally chuck some dice and put those amazing Chaos Warrior stats to use.

    -New magic is fickle. With the Winds, I can actually get some spells off. This is because one can't really plan to straight up dominate through magic/anti-magic anymore.

    At some points I kinda feel like my Warriors are ridiculously more powerful. Then again, that might be just because of how badly 7e treated them. Time will tell...
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