Deathwatch RPG!!

Now I know the game isn't new.

However I've finally heard that bit more about it and made plans for playing. I'm getting a Kill-Team together for when I'm in Nottingham at Easter and am super pumped about it right now. As I don't get to RP any more due to my group fading out of existence I thought I'd do this right so to speak.

Combining that goal with something else I want to try my hand at this weekend I've done this...
Ordo Xenos

I'd love to start getting some feed back before I release it to my players in their invites (more on that later). Of course it's not finished and I intend it to be a ongoing piece of work once I start the group preparation stage.

So I hope you like and can give me some ideas, I didn't realise it was possible to do this so easily but I'd love suggestions for good content ideas. I'm using KompoZer to make the pages and the uploading them with Filezilla as I can't get KompoZer to publish.?(Not a problem)