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    An imaginary Asian-themed Tabletop Wargame

    We've all thought about it, surely! But I'd imagine few of us would admit it :p

    Ever thought about creating your own tabletop wargame? Boardgame? Trading card game?

    Well, I just had an idea that will NO DOUBT be forgotten in the swirling internet, and lost forever. But while I STILL have your attention, I'd like to propose to you an Asian-themed tabletop miniature war game.

    My game is 'Heroes of the Realm'. The setting is something cool, like Warhammer Fantasy... but based on Asian mythology! <employ story writers here>

    The armies are equally cool, they're based on all the film archetypes of Asian martial-artsy asian people:
    - Shaolin Monks!
    - Taoist Swordsmen!
    - Some-sort-of-generic-chinese-army-based-on-Romance-of-the-Three-Kingdoms!
    - The above... MULTIPLY THREE TIMES!
    - Some undead clone of the Terracotta Warriors!
    - Samurai!
    - Mongolian Cavalry Archers!
    - Ninjas!
    - Taekwondo champions!!!

    Obviously all the above are the archetypes I'm looking for... they'd have some arbitrarily cool name for each army.

    What do they look like? THEY LOOK AWESOME! Wanna paint lots of flesh? Try on the Shaolin monks with all their bare, tattoo-ridden skin. Cloth? Try your hand in painting the multicoloured ninja army! Armour? Don't go past the Samurai-esque guys!

    Gameplay? Surely you can imagine that the models are cool enough to paint. If you were actually playing them, then I'd imagine it to be more like W40k or LoTR with the emphasis more on individual warriors than big formations.

    EG - each army starts with honor tokens that can be spent during the game for game-changing buffs, but you can also challenge the opponent on a 1-on-1 duel right at the start of the game to increase these points... or be a dishonourable git and shoot arrows at the opponent if he won the duel (at the cost of 'honor' of course). Woot!

    If you've read this far, I appreciate your time. You've just witnessed an idea that will never EVER happen.

    I'm not even gonna sugar-coat it...


    written 2011.. the year this idea and many other nerd ideas went to hell.

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    okko is a skirmish based asian themed wargame
    setting and artwork is inuyasha-esque

    pretty cool game
    leave the moderating to the moderators

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    Pandaren Brewmaster.

    DO IT!

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