[I did a search and there doesn't seem to have been a workstation thread since 2008, so I thought I would start a new one.]

When I was a big player of World Of Warcraft, I always loved to check out peoples User Interfaces. Since I've stopped playing, I'm now obsessed with checking out peoples work stations/spaces... with half a view to stealing ideas and streamlining my own workststion as much as possible. The photograps here are pretty clean; by which I mean, there isn't any painting actually happening while I took them, when I'm painting it looks much the same, except with the laptop pushed back and a cutting mat directly in front of me.

Would definitely be nice to get a good thread going full of pics, ideas and ergonomic advice! Although I do question whether people are as interested as myself in seeing desks and paint pots and chairs...

The main view.

A little closer:

A little closer still:

(The paints bunched up here are what I use mostly. A mixture of Vallejo Game Color, GW, P3, and Reaper. P3 and GW paints have been transfered to dropper bottles in a project born of absolute boredom one week. Marshmallow man is my mates. I never want to give him back)

Paints, mediums, Foundation bits etc that I don't use so much:

And as an added bonus... some bookshelf shots...

Bookshelf 1:

Bookshelf 2:

Games Workshop books and other stuff of a similar size:

My 3 Airbrushes:

Please feel free to share your workspaces... should you feel so inclined.