So, after a seven year break, Games Day in Australia (and for those Kiwis who travelled too) came back this year with a blast. I managed to get hold of a ticket and I really enjoyed the action.

So forum, describe your experiences for this momentous event. How'd you like it? Did you get quite involved? What was your favourite part? Cover everything you can about your experience of Games Day.

For me, seeing as it was my first time, I got off at Redfern station (yes, I caught the train) and headed off to the Australian Technology Park. Greeted at the door by a lady with a rat, I headed in (and found I was 20 minutes late, blast!). First off I had a look at all the action in the MOAB, WHF, WH40K, and LOTR tables, and my god there was some epic stuff there. I scurried away though when all those guys started WAAAGH!-ing and yelling 'For the Emperor!". That was a little too much for me!

After that I checked out all the Golden Daemon entries, whilst bitterly regretting being unable to submit my own (next year eh?) and I was stunned by a few of them. Some of those Orks in the WH40K section were just amazing! Anyways, it was really nice to be able to have a look at the painting standard and try to aim high next year (being my first time, I didn't know you had to register beforehand to be in Golden Daemon ). I'm gonna start early

After that it was time to see what the massive queue was for. Turned out (after 15 minutes or so of being in line) that it was the line for Forge-world, and seeing as we Aussies are very lazy about most things we all queued up to get our fair share of resin instead of ordering online. In regards to other items, there was just about every Black Library book out for sale there, along with tens of boxes of Dreadfleet (which was released today) and the full Games Workshop range. I came out with a Trygon, Lictor, Hive Tyrant and a Space Wolves Omnibus after that shopping spree ($270 odd is a lot of money you know...). I also received this strange slip thing, turns out I was in the running to win a replica Chainsword. Imagine trying to take that on public transport!

So I knew I couldn't stay the whole day. What a pity. So I checked out the front platform and eyed out those Golden Daemon statuettes (I'm determined to get one some time!) and checked out some of those banners being put up. In the background I heard varies cheers and cries from gamers around gaming section, so off I went to the Hobby Section.

What a lot of sprues! So much frantic painting, cutting and converting going on it made my eyes sore! What an event. I would've loved to be part of it but all the seats were filled, all the sprues were being used.

As I then waited in the queue to check out the Armies on Parade (which some of them were stunning to be honest, like that Ork one oh my gosh that would've taken so much time, work and effort!) I was peering in the distance watching the 'Hobby Heroes' talking and signing, like Phil Kelly and Adam Troke. They're really top blokes they are. And soon I was off voting for the Armies on Parade.

Looking very neglected in the corner were entries to the conversion competition, which I actually spent a whole looking at. It ranged from Carnifexes with two heads to glorious tanks. Very nice indeed.

By then it was 12:30, and although it seemed early to be going I was off, I simply could not come home carrying a massive Chainsword on a train! So I went to get a kebab and now I have finished assembling my Lictor and Skaven Warlord (and before you say anything, I actually assembled them relatively quickly, just I had other commitments that day as well).

So that's enough from me. Talk about the hobby. Post away!

The Warlord