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    What is the new 1500 points?

    It's something that I've noticed more and more recently - the old standard game size of 1500 points isn't so standard anymore. Back in 3rd and 4th you could bet that the game you were going to be playing was 1500 points, with 2000 points for those who wanted a big game. But, over the years things have changed. Theres tournaments out there that have 1750, 1850, 2000 and even 2500 as the norm.

    Is this the same everywhere else? And if it is as common as I think that it is, what are the reasons? Are tournaments just wanting to jazz up the old game with some extra points? Or is it a knock on effect due to the amount of deathstar units that have cropped up over the years?

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    Tournaments, especially those heavily linked to the GWS company have to make a balance between having the points as high as posible to encourage people to spend £££ to get their armies big enough, and making games quick enough to run the tournament in a day/weekend.

    I do agree with you that big deathstar units have help raise the point but i also think it is down to some armies needing that 1850 or 2K to work effeciently. Take my tau. I can field a strong army at 1750 and 1850 but my main list that works perfectly together is 2K. Not because that is what i even play but it just worked out to be that armount, whats funny is my SM work better at 1500 and 1750 points
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    2000+ points lets everyone have a fair shot. the lower the points, the more "unfair" it becomes for some armies. 1000pts of Deathwing would get pimpsmacked by my Dark Eldar at that level, but 2000pts of Deathwing is my next army LOL.

    i personally enjoy 1500pts the most.

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