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    Hey, I've been out of the 40K world for quite a while, since the Aftermath of EOT I believe, and just wondered if anyone could update me on the goings on of the 40K world.

    By this i mean -

    *Updates in fluff, Eg - Near EOT Orks had took a Mech World, has anything eveolved with that?


    *New Models

    Cheers, Chris

    BTW the new site layout is cool

    PS - Don't Hold Back! I Wan't To know everything!

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    well 4th edition was released a while ago.

    and in november a whoke spade load of new sm models are being relesead. including the veterans (drool). then there are eldar, nids, orks, and xenos hunters being released (sorry, forget the order)
    as well as ogre kingdoms for whfb
    don't know about the eot fluff sorry
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