Hi guys

So I'm trying to get back into fantasy (despite some of the really stupid rules - since when do professional soldiers not know how far they can run?) and I'm doing it with the new Empire book.

I've had an empire army for a while, focused around Sylvania and the Cult of Morr. The army was originally built to also have a mirror of it, using the vampire counts book, the fluff being that the Empire General was in fact a Vampire, using the Empire Soldiers to depose of a rival. But I digress.

Using the new book, I've added a War Shrine to my Empire army (Or rather, a mobile Shrine of Morr.) I also want to add a Hurricanum.

I have two issues I need some help with.

How should I make the Hurricanum an Engine of Shyish, or another Shrine of Morr?

Secondly, what would be the Vampire Counts equivalent for both?

Thanks in advance