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    New Tutorial Example

    Hello Librarium I am working on a series of tutorials to teach the basic rules of Warmachine and other games.

    This one is on movement in Warmachine.

    I would like everyone's input on how I can tweak and improve these so that they will be better for teaching new players they will eventually go on my website GeekPlug.com. This is just a sample and I hope to have a much better camera for the future one as well as doing some optional voice over versions. Please tell me what you think.


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    Kind of handy, that video, nice and simple.

    The only thing that I could think of that would possibly improve that video would be to perhaps have, in addition to the information sidebar, a small pop-up near the unit you were moving indicating the distances and measurements you're taking. Certainly it would make the difficult terrain bit a little clearer.

    I'll see if I can explain what I mean (and I think I'll just make up units here so as not to cause confusion because I can't actually remember unit stats...)

    Standard move:
    Cygnar Unicorn Cavalry
    Speed 8
    Moves 8 inches

    Cryx Super-scary Jack
    Speed 7
    Runs 14 inches, activation ends

    Difficult terrain:
    Menoth Priest-guy
    Speed 6
    Moves 1 inch at normal speed
    Moves 2 inches through terrain
    (counts as 4 due to half speed) <-- although maybe you can explain it better then that?
    Moves 1 inch past terrain

    I hope it wouldn't make the video too cluttered putting info like that on there, but I think it could be quite handy to further explain things, if you have the time to add it.
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