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    Long Term Storage of Models and equipment?? need help??

    Hey everyone,

    I'm going to go off to college here in the near foreseeable future and there is no way I'm going to take all of my models with me. I have 6k space marines; 1.2k imperial guard; 1k orks; 750 eldar. I will probably take approx. 2k points of models to college. Leaving the rest to stay at home and get put into storage.

    This brings me to the question:

    Is there any effective way to store models that will not be moving very much (as in they will not be transported from one place to another) that's protective and space efficient?

    thanks in advance

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    Shrug, gently place them all in a box... wait no, you care about protecting your paint job then I'd recommend looking inn the Storage & Organization section of your local Wal-mart or equivalent department store, or just bubble-wrap your models before putting them in said box (actually works fairly well for protecting vehicles, but less so due with infantry due to the hassle of wrapping them).

    If lacking foam trays and there isn't much threat of bumpage going on due to moving and other impact events, then things like shoeboxes (for vehicles) and tupperware bins (for infantry) can provide enough space for standing room without them standing on top of each other.

    Alternatively, where Wal-mart comes in, things like modular storage drawers are great to store large amounts of models, and can be great for transporting them to and from games if there isn't a lot of jossling around to threaten the models inside. They have various names and forms so I'll edit in some pictures of what to look for (from my phone though so quality may suffer).

    EDIT: sorry about the quality, my old digital camera isn't working at the moment, probably time for a new one anyways.

    2012-05-13 19.20.19.jpg2012-05-13 19.21.09.jpg2012-05-13 19.21.46.jpg

    Got this for around $20usd at a Target department store but I've seen something similiar at many other stores, the compartments stack and lock on to each other. They're great for storing infantry and low vehicles/monsters, or narrow vehicles/monsters sideways. Generally, I keep this stored behind the driver's seat of my car almost always, and pending a really sharp swerve/turn at speed, the models all stay upright and, in the case of fantasy, ranked up neatly. So, it should work wonders sitting still on a shelf somewhere.

    EDIT 2: looking at what was peeking out beneath the drawer on my shelf, another thing you could do if you're feeling creative/constructive is just cut and make boxes out of a sheet of foamcore, using a pencil, a metal ruler, an exacto knife, and some scotch tape. Just cut the sides to the size you need/want, make some mider/channel cuts to the edges so they fit together, and then tape the edges. Very durable and cheap, and can always make the right size for whatever shelf you're looking to fit it on or whatever you're looking to fit into it.
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