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Thread: Gw Code Updates

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    A conversation I have been having with some of my friends that play 40K is one of how power levels of an army change after new rules come out. One of the biggest ones that we keep coming back to is that of Rapid-Fire and how a units ability to take that extra shot at 12'' is pretty good (for those of you who are unaware of how the rules used to work, you had to stand still to ever get that extra shot). Clearly this has made armies with good RF weapons better, for example now Tau Fire Warriors can hop out of a devilfish and put a BUNCH of shots into a squad of Infantry, also Necrons that teleport around with the lord now have a good shot at "Gaussing" a vehicle because their nuber of shots has doubled. This rule works both ways of course because units with Shuriken Catapults had a good strike range because they could move 6'' and take a bunch of shots and they were one of a much smaller number of units that can do it. Now this privelige is given to everyone. Also that fact that Warp Spiders have Rapid-Fire weapons that they can not assault after shooting makes Warp Spiders worse by some margin.

    Undeniably the power level of factions changes with new rule books so shouldn't GW try and keep their codexes balanced rather than allowing an army to become "good" or "bad" after they release new rules. I'm not saying that every unit should get better with new rules but that a units point cost should reflect its current ability under new rules.

    I would propose that GW release all of it's Codexes as PDF's for public use and thereby have the ability to update costs or stats of units as they became aware of their new strengths and weaknesses. This would also allow them to reign back on weapons or abilities that have proved a bit too good such as the Assault Cannon, which is maybe a little nuts.

    I do not believe that this would harm GW's sales tremendously because I for one would still probably buy the codexes of the armies I play because they allow for a nice reference and are really pretty cool. They could simply release new Codexes for all the Factions shortly after they release new rules for those who wish to buy a new Codex. And since GW's new codex schedule is model driven rather than rules driven they would still be able to release new models at whatever pace they would so choose rather than doing all the SM at once and then moving on to the Tyranids

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    buuut they will never do that.

    When they think something is done... then its done.

    I know when the Eldar codex came out and allmost at instant did people complain that the Jetbike cost was to high.
    But have they changed it?
    If they would, they will sell more jetbikes then now atleast.

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    Ah but this more than likely would harm sales.

    I do not believe that this would harm GW's sales tremendously because I for one would still probably buy the codexes of the armies I play because they allow for a nice reference and are really pretty cool.
    I don't mean to be rude in any way, but you, yourself, isn't every gamer. There would be, IMHO, a big bunch of 40k/Fantasy/etc players that would not buy the new codexes if they were released on PDF ....why would they need to if all the new updated stuff is on PDF.
    All you would need to do is print it off, buy a nice little folder and bam..theres your codex...why fork out money for a book you wouldn't have use for. I mean lets face, thats why peopl,e who scam codexes and what not in the first place.

    Im not saying I do it myself, because I dont...I buy all the dex's, even if I dont collect the army for it. And nor do I accept the use of DL'ing a dex.

    But they would in the long term lose money from Codex sales.

    Also, this would then mean that if they were to release all the dexs at one time. The writers would have to have every dex done and dusted by a set what they would have to do is:
    1- Write the new rules and fluff for the new rule book
    2- Write the new rules and fluff for ALL 40k army codexes.

    The same would be apply to Fantasy too. my eyes...that a Shed load of work.

    Plus once they have done all this, and died due to a forever lasting mental block, they now have no work to do...little if any. Bar new fluff stuff....which is pointless unless it goes hand in hand with a novel, codex or new set of rules.

    I can see your point...dont get me wrong, Im not having a go. Just my two pence.
    Want to chat? You can normally find me in the LO CHAT!

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