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    Dice probability charts for casting, combat, etc?

    Does anyone have the link to this? I had it on my old computer, but the hard drive is still down. There's one that dictates the chance of casting each spell sucessfully of x power level with x number of dice, and another one for combat results in regards to WS, S, T.

    There's no reason to close this, by the way. I doubt GW has copyrighted the laws of probability and chance.

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    I'm not entirely sure what you are looking for exactly, but I have developed an Excel Spreadsheet with all the functions needed to accurately model any (ranged or close) combat in the W40K games system and give you the percentage chance of achieving a result.

    For example :

    A Marine shooting at a Marine:

    To hit: 3+ i.e. 4 chances out of 6 (or) 66.67% to hit

    To wound: 4+ i.e. 3 chances out of 6 (or) 50%

    To FAIL a save: (save = 3+) therefore TO FAIL = 2 chances out of 6 (or) 33.33%

    Therefore for a Marine to wound a Marine = 67.67% * 50% * 33.33% = 11.11%

    A Marine vs. a Terminator = 67.67% * 50% * 16.67% (i.e. 100/6) = 5.56%


    100 / 11.11 = 9 i.e. nine shots to wound a marine (on average)

    100 / 5.56 = 18 i.e. eighteen shots to wound a terminator.

    I hope this helps...

    Incidentally, the percentage chance of wounding with several attempts (example: 5 attacks at 50% each) is NOT 5 * 50% = 250%. It's 50% * 50% * 50% * 50% * 50% = 96.88% (one attack will have a 50% chance of success, two will have 75%, three 87.50%, four 93.75% and five 96.88%). Obviously there is a (small)chance of each attack in succession failing.

    The Excel Formula to give you the percentage of massed attempts is :


    Where B1 = the percentage chance of one success
    and C1 = the number of attempts
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    Ya, I think I remember what you're asking about. Try this link: www.gammeljord.net

    Well, I just tried it myself but it's suspended. Maybe it'll be back after a few days?

    It's the site that was linked to in an earlier thread and has charts for passing leadership, casting, etc. I'd printed the page off and the URL was at the bottom.
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