I'm looking to contact ex-GW staff in Asia (or current staff in Japan?). I am doing research for my Masters Thesis on international business and I would like to analyse the GW experience in Asia-Pacific.

If you were an employee I'd like to contact you with a short survey (10 min max) via email. I am not looking to "bash" GW - I'm just interested in your views on the positive and negative points of GW's exprience in Asia from a business point of view. My main topic will be the difference between doing business in Asia-Pacific as compared to Europe/US (eg. what sells in Italy may not be popular in Malaysia).

All correspondance will be in the strictest confidence (I do not work for GW and never have). You do not need to supply your name. All data will be collated so that the individual respondents cannot be identified.

So if you can help, please PM me. Any questions at all, let me know