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    Junior Member Danag's Avatar
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    May 2005
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    Not so ****ty whirlies

    Ok team calm down i take back that whirlies are EDIT** not so good i am sorry for everything about it but i didnt think that you EDIT**wonderful people wud EDIT**be so nice :eek:

    i just set up my account as well EDIT** which was pointless because I'm pretty much a loser all round really

    Oh well nevra moinden

    Thanks for your intelligent comments... Wolfkin

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    LO Zealot Tyrael-RM's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
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    lmao lmao.

    Adding profanity and such just makes you even more childish.
    Not to mention your lack of knowledge of play.

    Not saying nubs arent cool, Sorry, its just your an ignorant nub, thats all.
    that wont accept advice ^_^.

    Dont instigate or such around here.

    And if you are so to do such stuff with your 2ND account.

    You could find yourself banned. as in banned ip.

    and actually i will report this thread, as your hella annoying as a fly. HAHA.

    Now Danag my man.. why do you post such a topic?
    What do you hope in gaining?

    People gave you reasons why they are worth it, and how to use them.

    Seriously, you can say whirlwinds suck.. i hate them.. and leave it at that.

    Nobody around here in L-O Gives a bloody damn about your nub SM butt not liking whirlwinds. Obviousy choice, YOU CAN NOT TAKE THEM, and leave everyone else alone.

    And i shall conclude.

Closed Thread

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