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    The Fluffy Inquisition

    This was originally posted in the Army Fluff section by Xerxes, I however felt that it was very funny and should be seen by more people. (To the mods, delete this if you feel that is necessary. But please don’t ban me for it… as far as I know I am not breaking the rules.)

    Please give reasoned responses to this, rather than one-liner, "my opinion is t3h b35t, coz it r0x0rz!" style posts.

    After some heated discussion on these boards, it's clear that people have different inclinations in their fluff tastes. Which of the following are you, and why (I appreciate that some of the links to the names may be tenuous)

    Recongregators (that’s me):
    The Established fluff has holes in it a mile wide and needs a major overhaul with a distinct 'IN/OUT' list so that it becomes seamless and believable. This faction tends to be variable and bicker among itself over what bits should be kept or discarded to unify the fluff.

    Alamathian - It's all been written before, we have the answers. Refers back to old fluff frequently in their explanations and situations, claiming that it may still be valid, and presenting reasons why this is the case. Wants the kind of fluff that binds 40K together into a cohesive whole as far as is humanly possible.

    Istvaanian - It's all a conspiracy! Things are being manipulated by other things to create the apparent status quo, and these links are there to be exploited in fluff form. From the mythology and such it's clear that everything's interlinked to come towards some great and cataclysmic conclusion and so these inner conflicts should be brought to the fore. Wants the kind of fluff that involves grand cosmic schemes, and has dire consequences for the whole of the 40K universe, but which at the same time make it a stronger place.

    On inspection, this could also be people who constantly criticize fluff. Constant attack makes it stronger in the end.

    Monodominant - Things have to be set exactly within the established 40k universe. Regards things that are not official GW-sanctioned fluff with suspicion, and wants the kind of fluff that could be the basis for a Black Library novel.

    Xanthite - Things need to be original, at almost any cost. Is prepared to bend the 40k universe to achieve this, writing in their own qualifiers as to why things are the way they are. Xanthites usually create the kind of fluff that fits their ideas ignoring any other parameters.

    I realize that not everyone will fit into one of these categories, and would welcome any new types.

    I am a Recongrigator because of all the glaring holes I see in GWs logic when they write fluff. It makes things less enjoyable and I hate that! Some would say I am a Xanthite but I disagree, after all with all those gaps how can you judge what is 'accurate'.

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    I will close this

    There doesn't need to be two of the same topic, even more so when you could have asked one of us to move the first one.

    Want to chat? You can normally find me in the LO CHAT!

Closed Thread

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