As I've pointed out in several posts, I'm new to the hobby (sorry, will try not to say it again) and don't get a lot of gaming - most of my enjoyment of the hobby comes from modelling and painting.

I just got my first landspeeder and I have to say how well it is design - not from a visual point of view (though it is good) but how the sprues are moulded. I've build a dreadnought, a load of marines and a rhino as well as my aborted Tau army box set. The dreadnought needed a bit of scrapeing and filing but the rhino needed quite a lot.

But they were simple compared to those damned crisis suits! They were the first thing I built and they nearly put me off the hobby!

But the landspeeder sprues seem to be laid out so mould lines are hidden or are simple to clean - it took no time to get it clean and ready for building - great production design.

What I wondered was what is the best design sprue you've used - I'm particularly interested in peoples thoughts on the Landraider and the new Terminators (next up on the purchase list).

Thanks to anyone takes the time to answer!