Does anyone know the effectiveness of cavalry, units with 2 attacks, or ranged attackers in small point games like this? I am in a campaign with a 300pt limit of only core choices and a hero.

I started a wood elf army, and am in the process of making my army list. I have the battalion (24 Glade guard, 12 dryads, 8 glade riders) and I wanted to know which would be the most effective. I've seen bretonnian knights swing pretty hard, but also can be countered by mass ranged infantry...

Cavalry costs twice the amount of points as my normal guys, but they have spears & longbows...[Ct. 8]

The dryads have 2 attacks for 12 points [Ct. 12]

And the Gladeguard has a longbow that doesnt make them take subtractions to hit from cover or long range..(I think.) He also costs 12 points. [Ct. 24]

What do you think my best bet is to spend with the 300 points? Also, Noble or spellweaver? (Lvl 1 spell casting only...) I can only have items from the common magic list, and will probobly take a dispell scroll.

I am only looking for suggestions, not for someone to hold my hand =)

I will give you 2 hours to respond to my post, or the world as we know it is toast! Err...